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Affordable Housing in Puriton

Sedgemoor District Council have completed a Housing Needs Survey (Click to download) for Puriton. The results of the survey show that Puriton has a need for 29 affordable homes, 19 of which are already planned at the Riverton Road development by Taylor Wimpy. The Parish Counil are seeking information from Taylor Wimpy as to when the community can expect to see progress with this site.

On 21st June 2016 Sedgemoor District Council's Development Committee voted in favour of granting planning permission for the application by Property Link/ Coln Residential to build 59 houses at Puriton Hill. Before the development can proceed the developer must first agree with Sedgemoor District Council the section 106 agreement in relation to the detail of the affordable housing tenure at the site. The application included a provision to build 24 affordable homes, which exceeds the number identified by the Sedgemoor HNS, net of Riverton Road.

Affordable housing is for people who cannot afford to buy or rent accommodation on the open market. Puriton has a low turnover rate of such housing, which is indicative that Puriton is considered a good place to live. For more information on affordable housing see the Sedgemoor District Council website.

Community Land Trust for Puriton

Puriton have the opportunity to follow other villages in Somerset and set up a Community Land Trust. A CLT is a social enterprise set up to benefit a specific community by owning important local assets.
Managed by a local elected board (not by the Parish Council itself), a Community Land Trust’s first project is usually to help develop an affordable housing scheme, often in partnership with a housing association. By owning the land, the Trust controls things that are important to the village such as the location, number and design of the homes. It also ensures that local people have priority to live in them. The Trust would also generate an income from ground rents from its housing association partner; an income which would pay for the Trust’s running costs.
A leaflet was delivered with the Village Newsletter in February 2016 publicising a public meeting to discuss the setting up of a CLT. You can download the leaflet here.
UPDATE  - The meeting was held on 17th March 2016. Ten members of the community attended with the Parish Council, but on vote it was decided that the community did not wish to pursue the scheme.

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