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Meeting agendas & minutes

Please note that the November Parish Council meeting date has been changed to Wednesday 8th November 2017. The meeting will be held in the Village Hall committee room from 7:30pm.

Puriton Parish Council meets from 7:30pm every second Tuesday of the month,  except in August when there is no meeting unless pressing business requires it . The public are welcome to attend all council meetings, but not to participate at any time other than during the public participation session set aside specifically for that purpose. Should you wish to speak during a public participation session it would be appreciated if you would notify the clerk via email prior to the day of the meeting.

Legislation requires the council holds an Annual Parish Council Meeting in May when the council elects a new Chairman and carries out its 'housekeeping' functions, such as agreeing representatives to groups and agreeing policies.

The council is also required to hold an Annual Parish Meeting, which is not a meeting of the council as such, but an open meeting where electors registered in the parish are invited to discuss any issue of signifincance to the parish. This meeting must be convened between 1st March and 1st June inclusive.

The following calandar shows the usual scheduled dates for meetings. Dates/times are subject to change, but public notice will be given.

2017 Parish Council Staffing Committee
January 10th  
February 14th  
March 14th 28th
Annual Parish Meeting
Annual Parish Council Meeting
June 13th  
July 11th  
August No meeting scheduled  
September 12th  
October 10th TBC
November 8th  
December 13th  


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